Stand up for our Compassion Programs

We named our daughter after both Dorothy Day and Dorothy Parker. 

In addition to being writers, Day and Parker are known for advocating for the rights of those in need.

My daughter was given an advocate name because that is important in this world.

Like Day and Parker (and one day my daughter) - I have always stood against bullies and stood up for those who couldn't stand on their own

and I will continue.



Compassion programs such as domestic violence advocacy centers, non-profits that connect therapeutic animals to veterans, suicide hotlines, meals on wheels, developmental achievement centers, and services that educate youth on alcohol and substance abuse (to name a few) need support from the state. In our rural communities we take care of each other the best we can but these non-profit organizations are necessary and important to help those in our community who are struggling.


It is the responsibility of those who have a voice to help those who do not.