Frequently Asked Questions

What is your position on the Zip Rail?

I oppose the Zip Rail. I do not support any public transportation system that does not benefit our communities. It does not matter if it is the tax payers or a private company that is paying for the system - if it doesn't offer any benefit I will oppose it.

More information on Jonathan's position regarding the Zip Rail can be found here


Are you a moderate?

You may find that some of my beliefs are progressive while some are more conservative. A label for my positions really depend on where your beliefs fall on the spectrum. I am open to new ideas and suggestions and I believe that I must represent the constituents of this district. I am seeking the DFL endorsement and hope to ensure a strong voice for Farmer-Labor interests. 

Would you like to know what my beliefs are on a particular issue? Would you like to share with me your thoughts on an issue?       Please contact me.

Do you support gun ownership?

Yes, I support the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution permitting responsible gun ownership. 

Specific gun questions & answers can be found here

Also, one of my favorite pictures of my grandfather is below.

Pops hunting (Jonathan's maternal grandfather Ralph Lindenfelser).

Pops hunting (Jonathan's maternal grandfather Ralph Lindenfelser).