Labor, Jobs, and the Economy



Developing the workforce through job pathway programs will help Minnesotans build better careers. Pathway programs are typically set up to help working adults earn job-related degrees while they are employed. Nursing offers a great example. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) training could start in high school. While working after graduation, CNAs can advance their careers with additional educational programs to become Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs). This particular pathway program would help address the shortage of nurses in Minnesota. 

The high school apprenticeship program would also help our youth build better careers since they would be starting out before graduation. It is my goal to make technical and community college courses more accessible in rural Minnesota - both through supporting live college classes in small towns and bringing broadband internet into rural communities.

I am advocating for a Medicaid insurance buy-in option for individuals and families as this will encourage our entrepreneurs to open a small business or start their first farm without having to worry about health insurance coverage through an employer. 

New energy programs are bringing jobs to Southeast Minnesota as well as young farmer initiatives. And I will work to implement strong policies for programs as that will help these career paths continue to grow.  


Our middle-class needs more discretionary income and the ability to spend it. 


I will work to make sure that demand-side economics are being implemented in our policies and tax code. Our economy is built from the wage-earner up and that means our workers need access to career-building opportunities in order to be competitive in the job market.





I will work for a strong, well-rounded labor policy program that will build a strong and successful workforce - so everyone has a chance to retire with dignity. 

Developing and supporting apprenticeships in high school will give our students a step-up, whether the apprenticeship is listed on their college application or job application. I also will improve and develop reliable, mobility programs that will help transport employees to their employers. 

As a former worker compensation attorney, I have solid understanding of workers' compensation law, which is written by our legislators. I will ensure that our laws remain clear and fair to ensure that injured workers are able to heal and return to work.