Zip Rail Question - Facebook Submission January 16, 2018


Minnesota needs a light rail system. Minnesota needs a smart light rail system. Our labor force needs the immediate jobs that would be created by building it. The rural economy needs the mobility that would be created by fast, cheap, and reliable transportation. The whole of the Minnesota economy needs the boom that comes every time transportation is advanced. Our daily stress needs the relaxation that comes with sitting and enjoying your time (and not in traffic). And absolutely our environment needs the relief that comes with having the bare minimum of 21st generations advancements. Light rail will connect our extended families without the unnecessary strain from the long distance drive. These are just the beginning to the obvious benefit from the long over mass transit in this state.

The worst of the zip rail debate doesn't represent the full benefits. The fact that there is a zip rail debate tells us that there is something wrong when the benefits to all citizens are obvious. When there is a threat of stealing farmland and underserving rural Minnesota this project stops being the healthy solution to so many of our problems and becomes a divisive nightmare for hiding political shortcomings. 

There are ways to move forward! We can benefit those who need to be benefited. Mobility of the rural workforce is my top priority and the rural economy is very important to me. In order for any economy to grow it starts with mobility. And we need transportation for mobility.